Monday, July 11, 2011

custom monogram

I love stationery. There... I said it. I try to write notes often and I view my personalized stationery as a gift to the recipient. Along with my congratulations, thanks or encouragement, I send the little present that is a pretty card. I feel like it tells the recipient that I care enough to invest in the paper I write that note on... that I care enough about them to invest in their message.

So when I stumbled across Allison R. Banks Designs, I was insanely happy. Allison is an amazingly gifted woman who will interpret your monogram vision, execute it by hand and mail you a cd to use as you see fit. Have it simply printed on business cards, send it Crane's to have a copper engraving dye cut from it, print customized gift stickers... whatever.

Above is the final product she did for me and I couldn't be happier. We communicated via e- mail (naturally, in the wonderful digital age, I've never met Allison) and she took my idea of a combination of both swirly and sharp letters and made it come alive. I felt as if it was fitting for me, because I find that I'm a study in contrasts, so the blending of the shapes is so... me. And that's something that you'll never find in the huge, albeit lovely, selection of monograms from all those huge books from your local stationer.

I've also included some photos from her web site of past work she's done. The custom wedding favors make me wish Mr. EE and I were getting married again and not fourteen years ago! The unique wedding favor boxes would make charming take-aways for weddings or dinners. And how lovely are the customized gift tags? Take your monogram to your local printer and have the image printed on a red business card with white ink and use them for Christmas tags. Render them in pastels and use them for shower gift tags. The possibilities are endless.

So go check out the web site. It's easy to navigate and Allison has so many samples and ideas along with photos. You won't regret it.


Verdigris Vie said...

Cool - I will definitely check it out! Best, Vie

Pigtown-Design said...

I got the most beautiful plate a few weeks ago with a gorgeous monogram on it. The plate is probably from a hotel, and from the 30's. Love monograms, but hate my own initials!