Saturday, June 4, 2011

London's green spaces

Mr. EE and I are working in the yard today in the sweltering Tennessee sun. It reminds me of my fascination with garden spaces on our trip to London and Paris two years ago. Some large and grand, some small window boxes. Either way, I love the idea of an urban garden.


(Disregard the time/date stamp on the images. I've disabled that feature since, but didn't know it was on at the time.)


Cote de Texas said...

so pretty. thank you for your sweet comment today! much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

England! On my trips there I have noticed that EVERYONE is into gardening in some form or fashion! Love to see your post on a favorite subject!

VICTORIA said...

WOW!what a visual treat!Very refreshing and absolutely Beautiful post! Thanks for taking us with you.