Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go west, young woman! (or east...wherever your wandering heart takes you)

This post from Melissa over at Well Appointed House totally inspired me. She writes about how important it is to have the right bag and the right accoutrements inside the right bag when you travel the friendly skies. I'm a believer. In fact, I'm planning a little trip with Mr. EE up to the Big Apple soon and this post is right up my alley.

I'm of the "look good while traveling" school as well. Perhaps I can't pull it off as well as Ms. Hurley, but I can try. (The photo of the lovely Liz is courtesy of Melissa at the Well Appointed House. Go see the whole post.)

As for me, the perfect bag is an old school train case. I know, I know... not as practical as a big old Hermes, but the train case is just so romantic. I invested in one from T. Anthony. Mine is all black and isn't canvas, but you can't go wrong with any T. Anthony piece. I'm saving up for some more pieces. I think I want one of the "packing cases" that doesn't roll. Totally impractical, but again... so romantic. Isn't that what skycaps and traveling companions are for?

I also travel with my trusty pashmina wrap but I'd love this Gucci scarf as an upgrade. Either way, you have a nice little blanket if you get chilly and something pretty for your neck once you arrive.

Finally, I always have a little travel clock like this one, also from T. Anthony. Nobody sees it, but does that really matter? Sometimes the most important things are the ones nobody else sees. I feel it makes my trip a little more civilized.

If the subtlety of T. Anthony isn't your speed, though, there's always a personalized Louis Vuitton. Dreamy, right?

And if, as is the case for most of us, you can't afford the whole shebang right now, start with one important piece. The money spent on my T. Anthony train case was well spent. As would one of those hand painted, personalized LV bags. Everyone comments on my train case when I travel. Meanwhile, the suitcase is just a cheap rolly thing from Target. One day I'll upgrade to the packing case. And my pashmina? Well, it is nice... a blend of cashmere and pashmina, but the Gucci one is what I crave. But one day I'll upgrade.

What about you? What are your rules for travel?

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