Saturday, May 14, 2011

Old Fashioned... what a proper name for a southern cocktail

Our Steeplechase here in Nashville was today and, of course, our friends to the north in Kentucky just had a little horsey gathering of their own last weekend. Thought you might want the recipe for a summery bourbon toddy, the Old Fashioned, if you felt so inclined.

I personally tore this recipe out of Garden and Gun when they printed it in 2009 and have used it many times since. I even purchased the proper wooden muddler because of it.

Remember this when you entertain: don't go overboard with your bar. Along with a few wines, you'll need a vodka, gin, scotch and a bourbon. Buy the best you can. I would rather entertain less frequently and serve my guests the good stuff. I do like the idea of each event having a custom drink, but keep your guests in mind. If it's all women, something fruity and pink will do, but if you have a mixed group, think about an old fashioned or a whiskey sour. I do a whiskey sour quite a bit and everyone loves it. Honestly, who doesn't like citrus and whiskey? It's the base of all good punches, which is a whole other post! I'll post on the whiskey sour and punch later, but here's the one Garden and Gun got from the bartender at 610 Magnolia in Louisville.

the 610 Magnolia Old-Fashioned

1 large and uneven slice of lemon peel
1 rough-cut brown sugar cube
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 dash Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6
No more than 1 oz. branch water (or bottled water)
2 large ice cubes
2 oz. Van Winkle Special Reserve 12-year bourbon
Small triangle of orange slice for garnish

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