Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nashville's Gas Lamp Antique Mall - lighting finds today

Well, if you follow me, you know I love old things. We Southerners have a deep, bordering on crazed, love of anything with some age on it and I would say the majority of what I buy is vintage or antique.

While at the Gas Lamp Antique Mall in Nashville today I ran across these two lighting finds. I didn't pick up either one...the store was closing and I didn't want to feel rushed, but I think I'm going back first thing tomorrow morning to grab both.

Neither lamp is a slam dunk, but I think it's important to remember that you can modify your purchases. Just because you walk out of the store with the lamp a certain way doesn't mean you have to keep it like that forever.

I think I'm going to change up the shade on both of these. A quick trip to Lumen, my local lamp shop, and the pros there will help me pick just the right one. And a really great shade is a fabulous upgrade to an inexpensive lamp. In this case, the yellow one is $95 and the wooden one is $185. Neither one is going to break the bank and I actually like the cheaper yellow one better. I picture it with a black silk pagoda shade with a gold silk lining. Or maybe a great pleated shade. Either way, the pros at the lamp shop will help me find one with just the right scale. Chic!

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