Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the loveliest towels

A year or so ago, I invested in a set of gorgeous new towels. I ordered a dozen white Sferra towels and eighteen washcloths, all monogrammed from Neiman Marcus. This blog post makes it sound like I regretted it, and I don't exactly, but I've recently run across more towels that have made me rethink everything.

For years, I've bought antique/vintage cotton towels. Their hand monograms have always been charming to me. And functionally, I actually like them better than traditional towels. The vintage and antique ones pictured above are the sort I pick up when I find them for under $100. They are frequently very large and have elaborate hand monograms.

But the towels from the Trillium Collection are making me rethink everything. Based here in Nashville, I also love that my purchases would support a down-home, local Southerner, Sue Joyce, who started her own business. They are kind to the environment and gorgeous to boot. So if you need new towels, the Sferra ones are fine, but I'm saving up to start a collection of Sue's towels. Won't your overnight guests be impressed when the find a stack of Turkish towels on an antique stool in the guest bath?

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