Thursday, May 26, 2011

finding inspiration... from Sid Mashburn

To really make your home and entertaining life an extension of yourself, you have got to learn how to find your inspiration from lots of different places. I suppose it doesn't hurt that I'm a visual person. I scarf up images. Images from everywhere... art, photography, shelter mags (natch), fashion and webs sites.

My latest inspiration comes from a fashion web site. Sid Mashburn is a natty menswear store based in Atlanta. It has a very modern yet proper/Southern aesthetic. I've stopped in once while in the ATL to shop for Mr. EE. I wish I could stop in more often. Sadly, when I was there, I didn't have my camera which is strange for me. So I decided to look them up on the wonderful world wide web and there they are! Not nearly enough pics, but I like the ones that are there.

What inspires me about these photos? The hedge out front, the horse head sculpture next to the mannequin and, most especially, that great huge horse painting with the black glossy walls and the sisal rug. How do I integrate this inspiration into my own life? Not sure yet. I just know they are terribly appealing. So I'm saving these images along with jillions of others. One day, when the time is right, I'll know what to do.

(NOTE: please click on the photo of the darling man out front with the hedge and read the store's mission/inspiration/ closes with the words "a fresh interpretation of old standards." Exactly what I'm all about! Muse found!)

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