Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brilliant Bunny!

I really love Bunny Williams. I'm a southern girl, so I tend to gravitate toward her more tradish aesthetic. I really love her use of color, though, which gives the traditional a more modern twist. She has an amazing eye. I'm trying to channel my inner Bunny by using the photo above as inspiration. It's from her Beeline Home line. I covet the ikat pillows.

That's why I was especially thrilled to see that she has created a line for Caspari. I'm mad for faux bois, so I know I'll be scooping up these little napkins. Yes, you've seen me post about how much I love to present an ironed cocktail napkin to my guests, but these are so charming that I'll be using them quite a bit this summer.

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vicki archer said...

I am a big fan too and love her decorating style....xv