Saturday, January 1, 2011

linens - a fresh and modern take on a classic staple

I know that there are lots of cute paper cocktail napkins out there and, I'll confess, sometimes I buy them. They are easy and you can always have a new design.

On the other hand, there is nothing like having a drink with a friend with a linen napkin in your hand. I happen to like old and traditional things, so a linen napkin isn't a hard sell for me. I've inherited loads and loads of linens that I care for, wash, iron and store carefully. For the modernist, however, this might be more of a stretch. Linen napkins might conjure up a stodgy image. It shouldn't, though. A real cloth napkin tells your guests that they are important enough for you to wash, iron and store real fabric for them.

These napkins found at Gracious Style's site strike a perfect balance: both traditional a modern. They will be one of the workhorses of your linen drawer. You will always offer them with a drink - even if it's non-alcoholic - for cocktails, prior to dinner, with pink lemonade at a baby shower... the list goes on and on.

Order you a set. Your guests will appreciate it.