Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vintage Princess Phone - in miniature!

I was born in 1972. There. I said it. I'll turn 38 in a few weeks.

And now that you know that, you'll understand why I went crazy for the darling miniature vintage princess phones I found at an antiques booth recently. I vividly remember the princess phone. I got my own phone line when I was in 5th grade, the first in my grade (I guess today that's akin to the first kid to get a cell phone in their class). And the phone I chose? A pink princess phone. I loved it so much. I think a lot of the allure was just that it was called princess. Some marketing genius realized all the way back then that girls loved the idea of being a princess.

So I stopped dead in my tracks when I ran across this lot. Their little handles lift off and everything! They were about 3 inches across. I know because I always carry a sterling silver tape measure with me. The booth dealer must have had 20 or more of them.

The miniatures were priced at $10 each, but I'm going back tomorrow (hope they are still there!) to buy about a dozen and will see if I can get them for a discount. I think I'll use them as place card holders (maybe I could just lean up a little name card in front?) or simply as place decorations for dinners I occasionally have for girlfriends of my generation who are turning 40. But I can use them again for turning 50, 60... whatever.

Every girl of a certain age I know remembers her first princess phone. I know they'll be a hit!

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