Monday, July 19, 2010

useful antiques and vintage finds

If you follow my blog, you know I'm an old soul in a 30-something's body. And If I can use something old instead of something new, I would rather do it. I love these finds from a local Franklin, Tennessee antiques mall.

The antique baby bonnet below would be the perfect addition to a baby's christening gown. Or, on stands of varying heights, like the one below, 5 or 7 of these would make a lovely centerpiece for a baby shower.

And these vintage yelloware bowls! They are endlessly mix-and-matchable. Use them for cake batter or for serving black eyed peas.

Why use one of those metal tape measures around the house if you can instead use one of the vintage wood expandable ones?

Think of how many pie crusts this vintage rolling pin made look perfect. And the fact that it's a French rolling pin makes it all the better. They are much better to control than the kind with handles you hold on to like ears.

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