Thursday, July 15, 2010

more from Paris

While perusing some of my fellow bloggers' posts, I ran across this one over at Habitually Chic. The post consists of the most beautiful photos taken at Le Petit Trianon on the grounds of Versailles. She also posted the day before about Bastille Day, as I did below.

So it inspired me to post some more photos from my own trip to Paris last summer. As I walked the streets of the city, I was absolutely obsessed with Parisian architecture. I must have photographed nearly 100 doors. The French do love them a blue door, don't they? But it's not just blue. They paint their doors the most delightful and interesting colors.

And the hardware! I love the photograph of the brass knob at an antique shop that's a figural hand.

I could have photographed 100 more.

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