Saturday, July 17, 2010

Antiquing shopping - Franklin, Tennessee

As you may know, I love to ramble through antique malls here in my home town of Franklin, Tennessee. As a daughter of the south and native of Mississippi, I was reared loving old things and my home is full of them - both inherited and purchased. I'm perfectly happy to peruse thrift stores for the random gem, but this kind of shopping is what I love best.

Below are some pictures from my shopping trip today.

The photo below is a close up of the Old Paris serving dish on the table above. I'm absolutely nuts about Old Paris porcelain and this dealer always has the prettiest things.

Can you stand the candelabra below? All those drippy crystals and the figural base? I'm in love! I imagine it came from the Garden District home of a dowager heiress on her uppers. She might not have her cook and driver any more, but she still has her dignity, for goodness sakes! And she used this candelabra each and every evening. (Remember Grey Gardens... Big Edie and Little Edie answering their phone in accent to pretend as if they still had help? But they still dressed up!)

The vignette below is an outstanding example of why this booth owner is one of my favorites. She knows her aesthetic and she has an outstanding eye. Anyone interested in advice on opening an antique booth would do well to study these photos. This might not be your look, but the drama is undeniable. And isn't that why we are drawn to antiques? I know I am. But I'm an old soul and love old things. Just look at how I waxed poetic above about Big Edie and a New Orleans dowager... the drama appeals to my heart, which is why I buy antiques.

And the portrait was in another booth at the same antique mall and I don't mind that he has seen better days. As you may know, I despise the words "shabby" and "chippy", so don't expect me to use them. I think I would use him without a frame and might hang him somewhere unexpected, like a kitchen. And for only $325 I think I'll have to go back and buy him.

My favorite purchase today was the covered Old Paris sauce stand with underplate on the fourth picture down. It's on the far right of the piece of furniture. The handles were just so lovely that I just had to make the piece my own.

So what do you think? Should I go back for the portrait?

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andrew1860 said...

I'm a big collector of Old Paris porcelain the tray looks early like it could be from the 18th century.