Monday, December 8, 2008

maintaining antique linens - fabric mangle

I can't recall the shelter mag that featured a fabric mangle a few years ago. (House Beautiful perhaps?) A fabric mangle is a big rotary iron that you operate from a sitting position. It lets you run your linens through a big roller that irons out the wrinkles. I instantly loved the idea of being able to maintain my linens myself. My dream is to have a laundry room with two sets of washers and dryers and to have room for one of these beauties.

The magazine article referenced specifically purchasing vintage fabric mangles off of eBay, like the one above, which has a starting bid right now of $175.

Or, you can swing on over to Williams-Sonoma and order a brand new Miele rotary iron. It's pricier at $2,200, but if money was no object I think I would have to indulge.

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