Wednesday, December 31, 2008

eBay today - antique sewing gear and notions

My mother taught me to sew a little bit when I was younger, but I think I've lost the knack. I think most of us have at some time entertained the idea of buying a sewing machine and making our own duvets and pillows. Some of us have even done it. I haven't. Honestly. But I've come close when I find "like new" machines in the classified ads (it must have been someone who tried and gave up).

Finding these sewing supplies tempts me again. I love the seashell pin cushion. And how about the handpainted antique button? Even with my weak sewing skills, I could sew that onto a sweater that I have that only has one button at the neck, replacing the hideous mass-made one that's there. I'm craziest over the hand chased brass sewing case, though. Wouldn't this be sweet in a purse for those emergency button repairs? (Is that me waxing romantic again? I've never sewn on a button on the fly, but I like to imagine.)

It all makes me understand how all those Victorian women were so nuts over their sewing paraphernalia.

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jenny said...

i love the pin cushion too! unfortunately my mother never taught me to sew :(