Thursday, November 6, 2008

advent calendar

I've always wanted a great advent calendar, but I've never liked what I found. They always seemed cheap and crass with their tacky ornaments and design.

When I ran across this one in Garnet Hill's catalog, I was thrilled! I love the simplicity of it. It seems a little Swedish. I plan on ordering one for my home, but will probably skip the personalization. I'm not so crazy over the script they offer. I think I'll see what my local monogram shop can do. If not, maybe I'll get out my needle and thread and stitch my surname on myself!

I also like this one, but I'm afraid the colorful mittens will conflict with my Hable stockings on my mantle.


A World in a PAN said...

I love your advent calendar!

Pigtown-Design said...

I saw a great one in London... little stockings with numbers on them, all hung from a line.