Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hooray Domino!

If you follow me at all (there are about 18 of you out there), then you know how much I love Domino Magazine. Well, today it came in the mailbox. I get excited right away. I resist the temptation to rip into it right there. My husband and oldest son are away on a camping trip, so I know if I wear the heck out of the little one on a long walk, he'll go to sleep early and it will be Domino, a big glass of Coke (my indulgence) and me.

How happy I was to turn to page 44 and find a blog shout out there for Jennifer over at the Peak of Chic. She's had a spot on Domino's web site for design bloggers but this is the first time I've noticed her in print in the mag.

I know I've suggested you check her out before, but click on over there now. She has done so much research into the design greats and has tons of pics. She's also great at responding to feedback. Post a question or interesting comment and she will usually reply down the string.

Most importantly, I also have to say that she has my lowly blog posted as a link to hers and I probably owe half of my traffic to her. She deserves credit for that alone.

The two pics above are from a recent post of hers. Beauty!

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Mary said...

Love the Domino but thought this month's edition was lacking.