Wednesday, October 22, 2008

dramatic wallpaper for small spaces

I think I've previously expressed my love of wallpaper. I especially fancy it in a closet, dressing room or powder room.

And how about the beautiful closet above featured in Domino Magazine? I clipped this image when it appeared in the magazine and I have it in my design book.

There are several different ways to interpret this look if the gorgeous Farrow and Ball wallpaper isn't for you. The first is a lovely Llewelyn-Bowen wallpaper called Chantilly. I'm also partial to Chrysanthemum by Monsoon.

Either way, I find that the patterns I'm most attracted to for a closet or powder room are the furthest from my "day-to-day" design style. I think it's a chance to throw a little whimsy into your decor without breaking the bank (my powder room and closet are both small!) and without doing anything too kooky in a common space.


Mary said...

Love the third one.

Mary said...

love the last one

vicki archer said...

We all need a little whimsy in our lives! Gorgeous pics, all.