Friday, September 12, 2008


OK. If you follow my blog, you know how crazy I am over organic design. I love anything that references nature... faux bois, coral, starfish, fur. I love it all.

I have also taken to pressing flowers and flora from my travels. I bought an old, small flower press at a thrift store for $1 a few years ago and am considering upgrading to the beauty above. What a great way to remember your travels!

I am also nuts for Becky Davis Botanicals. I would love to invest in about 9 of these... framed and hung 3 over 3. Does the wall above not make you swoon? The picture is a little small, but I lust for it! And all the ferns!! And lily pads! Maybe I can get the big flower press and make my own!


Mary-Laure said...

I adore botanical drawings, and these are especially beautiful! Fabulous finds.

Geo said...

Ooo, I bet you'd enjoy making leaf prints.

A World in a PAN said...

Oh, I wish I had more walls ... so many things that I love and would like to frame!