Wednesday, September 17, 2008

antique booths

As you know, I'm crazy about shopping at antique malls. I love the idea of all those booths, each filled by different people. I find that you can pretty quickly size up the look of a booth based on a few items. Once you develop your eye, shopping is very efficient.

I adore the Old Paris teapot and the set of handpainted plates above. They are both from the same booth. The last picture is a vignette from that same booth. I love it and it offers me a lot of inspiration. I imagine an aging New Orleans dowager's Garden District home. I think because I share the same eye the booth owner has, I feel at home with her things. When I visit that antique mall, I pretty quickly move past most of the booths and settle in to shop in and find inspiration from ones like the one above.

Develop your eye and find sellers who share your aesthetic. It will help you quickly find what you love and will help you find inspiration for decorating your home.


Pigtown-Design said...

And I always zooooom by that has anything "collectible". I think that is a whole different category of things that aren't really antiques. I agree that you can generally tell within a few seconds if it's worth your while to stop in.

A World in a PAN said...

Come to Paris! There a "brocante" in every corner this time of the year! THere is one in my neighborhood next weekend.