Thursday, August 28, 2008

more fall decor

As I said in my previous post, I'm not generally a big fan of heavy-handed Halloween/fall decorations. I do put out some stuff (I have small children... what do you expect?) but I don't OD on pumpkins. I have some true vintage Halloween jack-o-lanterns that belonged to my grandmother, but the resin pumpkins you see peppering your local big box retailer don't find their way into my home.

These found at Vivre are a great alternative for others out there who feel the way I do. The set of 6 is $195 (ouch!), but I bet you could make your own. The description says that they are gourds that have been spray-painted white. What a great DIY experiment!


Geo said...

I like gourds anyhow, and these gourd ghosts make me happy.

Mary said...

I love those but $195 is too much. They would look great in my new dining room that I am envisioning.