Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm back! And with cute napkins!

Thanks for the encouraging e- mails. I think I had been in a slump and needed a vacay. But I'm back now!

I love these lovely napkins from the Home, James! Collection. The top napkin might be a little beachy for fall, but I'm not one to use napkins with pumpkins on them anyway. It's great to go seasonal, but earth tones are just not really my thing, so for others like me, I say use what you love. If a table runner covered in fall leaves ain't your thing, so be it. The next two place mats would be a great option for me... white with orange band and white with black beads. (sans the coral napkins)


Mary said...

Love the napkins! Welcome back

Geo said...

I love your post title even more than your cute napkins! Welcome back!