Friday, August 29, 2008

eBay today - Halloween decor

I'm on a roll! My last post got me thinking about seasonal decorations. And when I took a quick spin through eBay, I'm reminded of why I love the auction giant.

Don't you love the vintage lantern above? I have a few decorations that were my grandmother's that are very similar.

I also personally own one of the die cut skeletons for my front door. It reminds me of my childhood in the 70's!

Finally, I bought a stuffed snake at a yard sale for $10 years ago. I immediately knew what to do with it... Halloween! As it turns out, I had two boys who think it's a cool and creepy decoration. (On that note, I think I've posted about the taxidermy section of eBay. It's pretty freaky what's out there, but lots of it is perfect for Halloween. Imagine the skull above on a stack of coffee table books in your den!)

So with one look, you have kind of a classic cheerful Halloween thing going. With the other, I envision more of a Victorian/creepy look. Or mix the two. Either way, you have really unique seasonal decorations that your guests won't instantly recognize as all coming from Target.


Geo said...

I have two friends who run a very good antique store and I wish you could see how they go all out for Halloween. There's a great item there, has been for months—I don't know what to call it. Three small skeletons holding onto each other acrobat-style, tumbling—they make a weird ball of sorts. They had a real human skull in there for a while too. I took some photos of it a few years back for a photo class. Recently, one of my friends told me that a man brought a real human brain in a jar into the shop, trying to sell it. That really creeped us both out. I mean . . . how?! Never mind. I don't really want to know. Isn't that against the law? The creepiest thing I have on hand right now is a dead hummingbird.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! I just discovered your blog, it came up when I googled Bobby McAlpine. I've been a fan of his work for many years but lately I've become practically obsessed with his work as I've begun to design a future dream home for my partner Micah and myself. I doubt I'll ever be able to afford to have Bobby actually design a house for us so I've been searching the net for any pics or info about his homes that I may have missed and ransacking them for ideas. I've got copies of every publication he's ever appeared in as well as printed pics from his firms website. Do you know of any other resources? Also, I love your blog. I'm a design junkie just like yourself and also a southerner (Birmingham, AL) so I get the whole balancing act of traditional vs mod and old and new that results (when done well) in a gracious yet lively southern home. Keeping a daily blog and raising a family must be alot of work, but I for one appreciate your efforts. Thank you. Todd

eclecticentertaining said...

Yippee! I love my tried and true posters (Geo, Peak, World in a Pan, etc.), but it's always good to receive comments from new readers.
Thanks, Todd, and stay tuned in. I'm going to be posting more about my dream home.