Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sarah Ridgley Letterpress

I ran across the most amazing letterpress coasters from Sarah Ridgley. I've never heard of her, but check out her blog.

I'm so totally into letterpress. They are so delightful and I love the element that depth brings to paper. I think I'll find custom letterperss Christmas cards this year. Perhaps I'll e- mail Sarah and see if she can come up with something. I am a big supporter of working with small business owners. If you find something you like online or on etsy, e- mail the artist and see if they can customize something for you. They will likely love to get more of their work out there and since you deal directly with the artist, an agreement can be easy to strike.

Can you wait to throw a party and personalize coasters, though? They would also make an awesome hostess gift. Just imprint her initials or a clever saying she always uses, and you will definitely stand out from all those bottles of wine!


Geo said...

Being a letterpresser m'self, I can understand your love of the stuff. It's just so pretty! I never get tired of it.

A World in a PAN said...

Great gift idea !