Thursday, June 26, 2008

the inside out

I have jumped all over this trend. I love the concept of making our outdoor space look like your indoor space. Earlier this summer, I totally redid my back patio at everyone's favorite cheap big box retailer, Target.

I started with the loveseat. Since the throw pillows that came with the love seat were hideous, I tossed them and decided to use five regular pillows in ikat blue and chocolate colorways.

The outdoor furniture I had was black and had belonged to a great aunt. It dated to the 1940's, I think. I spray painted it that brownish-bronze and voila... instant outdoor living room. I'll try to post a photo soon. (I have a new camera, and I haven't yet figured out how to upload the pics. I feel old.) I completed the look with the outdoor lamp and I've instantly added square footage onto my house.

Ultimately, I would have done something similar had I had more money. I don't like complete matched sets of furniture on the patio... just like I don't care for it in my home. When was the last time you opened a shelter mag to see a whole room of bedroom furniture in "The Magnola Collection" (or whatever)? Only in ads. So for all the non-designers out there, take a cue from our more gifted bretheren: don't buy matched sets. Take inspiration from the Cottage Living photo above.

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Pigtown-Design said...

I love the outdoor rooms! We have to be really careful about leaving pillows and the like outside because they get mildewy. Can't wait to see what your outdoor room looks like.