Thursday, June 19, 2008

eBay today - Blanc de Chine

My previous post about the white sea urchin lamp made me want to go back to a favorite old search on eBay - blanc de chine. This is a favorite of mine. There are usually lots of Hollywood regency lamps like the pair above, which I love.

I have also had passing ideas of buying a figurine or pair of figurines and turning them into lamps. My main stumbling block is knowing what I'm buying. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on Chinese export porcelain. The bidding at the single figure alone, however, is at $9.99 right now. So I suppose if you get it for a bargain and you love it, who really cares if it's a knockoff and not something from the Tang dynasty. If you don't know, nobody else will either.

Also, try to buy from an eBayer with lots of positive feedback...more than 200 as a place to start. That indicates someone who is a serious seller and someone who's description should be trustworthy (assuming they are not unwittingly misdescribing the item).


Mary said...

I got on ebay to try to purchase the lamps but they were gone!

I did find a neat website today.

Cute pillow fabrics for maybe a child's room.

eclecticentertaining said...

Sometimes I list auctions that will be closing soon... but I like the item, so I go with it.

Also... it looks like they didn't sell, so you can check back and see if the seller relists them and then you can buy them.

A World in a PAN said...

I love the lamps .. my grandmother used to have a pair just like this one .. I wonder where they are!