Thursday, May 22, 2008

getting fit in style

I'm trying to get in shape. Over the past year, I've eliminated almost all processed foods from my family's diet, decided to eat mostly organic and have in general focused on our overall health and well-being.

I thought it only fitting to take my fitness quest to the next logical step and start working out. I work out with a trainer every couple of weeks and I've even started taking Pilates and core conditioning mat classes. There's lots of "pyramiding" with weights and working with the resistance bands. I feel better already. So now I've started shopping for activewear and I've discovered two favorite brands.

The first is Tonic, a Canadian company. I love the magenta top pictured above. I layer a royal blue or light pink sports bra under it (I need the extra support) and just looking great makes we want to show up for class.

My other favorite is good old J. Crew. They have just introduced a yoga line and I'm placing an order this weekend to take advantage of their 20% off sale. (AT JCREW.COM, ENTER "SALESHHH" AT CHECK-OUT TO GET 20% OFF EVERYTHING OVER $175. NOW THROUGH MEMORIAL DAY). I'm going to start with the cami and pant and might add the jacket later if I like what I get.

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Geo said...

Best of success with your goal! I need to follow suit.

Have you seen THIS WEBSITE? I have a hunch you would enjoy it!