Friday, May 2, 2008

eBay today - tazzas or compotes

When I entertain, I love to add height to my table. It took me a while to get that. I could never figure out that no matter what I did to my table, it just didn't look right. Everything was out and looked beautiful. The table was just bland.

And then it hit me one day.... I needed height. It gives the table depth. Without it, any spread looks boring. Use this tip for sterling and porcelain baby showers and for casual birthday parties. Always work in some height.

Tazzas, or compotes, are a great way to make this work. I frequently make a dessert stand of a low glass cake place, topped with a footed glass cake stand, topped with a silver compote for candies. I fill the two glass cake stands with cupcakes or macaroons. It's always a hit.

Check out these listed on eBay here, here and here. When searching, look for "compote", "tazza" and "comport". I know... it's misspelled and it totally bugs me, but you need to search under how the seller will be listing it. If they misspell it, the only way you'll find it is if you misspell it, too. If you are more of a sterling girl, use silver and porcelain. If you're more casual, go with majolica or ironstone.

Pick up a few. You won't be sorry. Find your style and use them often.


A World in a PAN said...

What a great idea! Although I gather you need a big table to get the right feeling, I see one of these for a buffet table.
You have the knack to find teh right stuff on E-bay!

The Peak of Chic said...

I so agree with you! After a few attempts at setting a stylish table, it does dawn on you that you need height! This is a great solution.