Monday, May 19, 2008

eBay today - organic design

No, I don't mean eco-friendly, although I do buy all my milk, eggs and fruits and veggies organic and local. (It is worth noting that eBay is really a green alternative for purchasing stuff. There are, of course, carbon emissions associated with shipping, but there is someone out there to buy everything... no need for it to go to a landfill).

When I refer to organic design, I mean my total fixation with decoration that takes its cues from nature. I have a great-grandmother who was a full blooded Native American (Choctaw, we think), so perhaps my natural tilt comes from her.

Take the mink wrap above. I have one almost identical that was inherited from my grandmother. I almost sent it to Goodwill. Mink wraps just aren't my style. One morning this past winter, however, I saw it and threw it over my shoulders while I read the newspaper and inspiration was born! I now have the wrap hanging over the back of the club chair I sit in.

I am totally lusting over the bronze chandelier. It features oak leaves and acorns. Quite grand.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have a collection of Buccelatti sterling? I love the leaf dishes, decorative fruits... really all of their organic pieces fashioned in sterling.

Finally, I know that decorators have totally done the coral/shell/sea fan thing, but I don't care. I have white and red coral that were inherited from my husband's grandmother and I display it proudly. I would love to frame up a couple of sea fans to add to my organic house.

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