Saturday, March 8, 2008

my dream house - one of two favorite architects, Bobby McAlpine

Bobby McAlpine is a genius. I love his work. I love that he's able to incorporate historical architectural elements and make them modern. He also has a decorator's eye and designs a lot of his own furnishings. That helps a lot, too. If money were no object, Bobby would be in my top two for dream house architect (Ken Tate would be the other... more on him later).

Bobby lives part time in Nashville and has designed a lot of houses here and I've had the pleasure of visiting a few of them. A few photos of my favorite designs are above. I tend to gravitate toward a softer, more Albert Hadley look, but his work is so striking, I think I could find a balance. The photos are on Bobby's web site and are from features in House Beautiful Sep. '07 and Southern Accents May '06. Bobby and Ken have different points of view, but their styles are both rooted in real architecture and attention to details. Notice that ceilings are not overlooked in a McAlpine design.

Also, please forgive the spotty posts. I've been sick and so have the boys. Ear infections, flu, stomach bugs... we've had it all. I think we're all on the mend now, though


The Peak of Chic said...

I'm with you on McAlpine! What a talent. Hope you feel better soon :)

Geo said...

Lovelovelove this. Photo #2 is where I would spend ALL my time. It is a dream spot.

I'm sorry you've all been so sick! This is the worst year I've seen in ages for flu bugs biting EVERYone, and hard! Please heal up soon!