Sunday, March 23, 2008

eBay today - mottoes

I have always wanted to have a collection of these Victorian punched paper mottoes. I think they would be fabulous in a kitchen since they are usually really homey sayings. You can find a sampling here and here.

However, perusing the antiques section of eBay, one will find lots of unique items emblazoned with mottoes. I am particularly fond of the pink German luster cup with the pig and the saying "nothing too good for me" on the front.

An eBay tip: Search any alternative ways to define the item you are searching for - even popular misspellings. You might know that the needlepoints above are called "punched paper" mottoes, but the eBay seller might just list them as "punch paper" mottoes. They turn up under both searches.

BTW - It's great to be back online. Over spring break, we visited the aquarium in Chattanooga, saw Horton Hears a Who (a great movie), dyed Easter eggs (sorry, I know plastic is easier, but I just can't go there) and deviled a couple of dozen eggs. It was a great holiday. Happy Easter!

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Geo said...

Welcome back!

If I had a motto on my wall it's say, "Life is messy!"

And, awwwww, I like that little German cup. My great-aunt used to tell her niece, my grandmother, "There's nothing too good for you." And my grandma used to say it to me. Very sweet!