Friday, March 14, 2008

eBay today - Easter centerpiece decorations

I know, I know. I really do love Target. It's great for yoga pants and the occasional lamp. But when it comes to holiday decorations, it really pays to invest in vintage pieces that you really really love.

Like the bunnies above. Check them out on eBay here, here and here. Notice the milk glass egg in the bunny with the basket over his shoulder. You won't find a milk glass egg at Target. At $99, the bidding is starting out high, but this piece is worth it. And besides... I can spend that on one binge at my local super center!

Wouldn't any of these little guys be at home in Martha's arrangement? She's still the gold standard for holiday decorating.

And if you are worried about all the money you are spending, remember that all these sweet antique bunnies and chicks would be perfect as the centerpiece of a christening or baptism brunch table. That's what I used for Overton's baptism. Here's an old post about it.

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