Saturday, February 16, 2008

a pat on the back for me

Joy! My March Domino arrived just an hour ago and I was planning on settling down with it and a nice hot cup of tea (the boys have been sick, so I've been exhausted) when I ran across the photo above. I have a horse-head julep cup and I keep all black pencils in it ...Dixon Triconderogas. I snapped a photo just now and have it attached. My cup needs polishing, as does the sterling silver perpetual calendar on the table with it, another juntique store find here in Middle Tennessee, but you get the idea. (I'm glad you can't see the withering orchid in the jardinier behind the lamp - I can only keep an orchid alive about 2 months). I keep stamps and Scotch tape in the tea caddy. That chair is where I read the paper and do Sudoku every morning.

(BTW - I recently bought the pair of Henredon chairs photographed for $125! Not my favorite fabric, but I plan to have them recovered this summer.)

Anyway, I love it when I find something I do/have/use/etc. from a source I admire. It gives me a little design pat on the back. Does that make me sound needy?

To that end, I am also again including a photo of my painted screen. The photo was taken at the store I bought it at, so it doesn't show off as well as it will once my hubby gets it hung. It's going to serve as a large piece of art behind my sofa. The Peak of Chic featured a post on screens a while back and that also gave me a little boost.

If you aren't familiar with Peak of Chic, go there now and bookmark that blog. Jennifer is an amazing repository of design history and always has the most incredible posts.

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The Peak of Chic said...

Thanks for the shout out!!!

I love your display- the cup, the lamp, the calendar. It looks fantastic! And those chairs for $125??? DEAL! That's fantastic. And the screen is too! Can't wait to see it once it has been hung. Good job!!!