Thursday, February 7, 2008

cool announcement from the Coterie

I love this idea! Heather over at the Coterie posted about a great moving announcement. Depending on how much you wanted to spend, you could use big boxes, bubble wrap, etc.

Years ago, I found a very clever moving announcement in a design book. It was done by a graphic artist and featured a picture of an alligator superimposed with the words "see you later alligator", a popsickle superimposed with the words "let's blow this popsickle stand" and a baby superimposed with the words "hasta la vista, baby."

I'm so glad there are people out there who are so creative! Thank you, Matt!


Heather said...

THANKS!!!!!!! Matt will LOVE the shout-out too!!!

Mary-Laure said...

How smart and creative! I agree with you: I endlessly marvel at people's creativity!