Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yummy invite!

I always love to get invitations to parties. Of course we all love to be included on a guest list, but I so relish opening the invitation and thinking about what it tells me about the host and party.

Black Eiffel has a great post today about just that. How clever would including red hots be? For that matter, how about a sweet box of message candies or custom M&M's?

I also love filling apothecary jars with seasonal candies. Right now, I have red hots, message hearts and big round chewable peppermints. In fall, it changes to candy corn and classic M&M's. You get the idea. (And no, my kids aren't diabetic now... they really don't eat that much of it. I do give sweets to my little one for using the potty, though! Those boys at 3 1/2 can use all the help they can get.)

Ultimately, however, candy appeals to everyone, so I love having it around. I think that's why I like the candy-gram idea so much. (I always say I'm going to throw a Valentine's Party, but I never do! Maybe this will inspire me for next year...)

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Mary-Laure said...

The candy-gram is just a BRILLIANT idea. My only problem with having candy around the house is I just can't help but eat it (even before I get home from shopping, really...).
Ah, hard caramel, honey drops...