Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tray Chic!

I love a play on words. I can't help it.

The MacBeth Collection has a great line of sap buckets, trays, bins and other entertaining essentials. Some of the patterns are a little cheesy, but a lot of their stuff has kind of a Palm Beachy retro look.

I like the tray above, but I want it covered in the brown cane pattern on the clipboard. It reminds me of that Lulu DK fabric that came out a while back. Still so fresh.

I also love the disposable place mats! When I see a little Lacoste alligator, I get the warm fuzzies for my youth back in the 80's! And with two boys and a husband, I like that I can just toss them in the trash when they get a little to used.

I guess I'm really into the preppy thing right now.

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