Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Kitchen of My Dreams

I love subscribing to magazines. I get so many, I'm frequently guaranteed to have one in the mailbox. And one of my favorites is Southern Accents. That might sound strange coming from a girl who also loves Domino. And, I'll admit, a lot of the Southern Accents interiors are too traditional for me... but a lot of what Domino does is too edgy for me, so it balances out.

What I like about Southern Accents is their understanding of, well, Southern interiors. Most Southerners love antiques and regional architecture (we are fixated, sometimes), but modern style dictates that they be interpreted in a fresh light. When Southern Accents features designers that strike that balance, I'm in pure bliss.

This kitchen is about as close to my perfect kitchen as I've found. There are a few small changes I would make, but not many. One would be the fixture over the breakfast table. The one pictured is a little too Pottery Barn ca. 1998 for me. If I could afford the splurge, I might invest in something like this one, also featured in the same Southern Accents issue. I like that it's traditional (brass) and modern (cubist).

The other great thing I love about this kitchen are all the really affordable ideas that abound. I'm not too sure, but the flooring looks like commercial tile. These from Mannington are a fine example. They are cheap and extremely durable. The island is stainless and can be found at any kitchen supply store for a few hundred dollars.

So what does all this have to do with entertaining? A lot, actually. I believe that your interior spaces say a lot about who you are what you are trying to say to your guests. The whole thing also fits with my perspective that you can find great thrifty (read: cheap) items for most of what you use but need to splurge on strategic items.

I apologize for the scan... I couldn't find a photo online.

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Heather said...

Thanks for the GREAT stamp ideas! I love them! That kitchen is beautiful!