Sunday, January 6, 2008

Green Day

Tara over at An Imagined Reality has a great post about planning a green wedding, but I've always said that what applies to a wedding can apply to other events.

I just love tiered birthday cakes. Why should weddings be the only event where you get tiered cake? I just choose a smaller size, naturally, but sometimes my inspiration comes from wedding mags like MSL Weddings. (She's still the gold standard, isn't she?). Cakes with height are so grand...all birthdays deserve one.

Her post also inspired me to start thinking about heirloom seeds. Visit Seedsavers to purchase some. In bundles, they would make lovely eco-friendly favors that could brighten lives and the planet. You could choose your seeds based on your flowers or menu. A Southern supper could feature heirloom tomatoes as the seed gift. A menu with a chilled melon soup could feature cantaloupes as the seed gift. Or you could give seeds of your wedding flowers.
Love the blog, Tara!


AIR said...

Thanks for the love! Your great green ideas sparked a few more for me too:
Using vintage fabrics for napkins, tablecloths, and hankies for the 'maids. I'm thinking Shabby Chic but in amazing colors!
Also, I read in Brides last night that the bride was going to turn her dress into bedding for her first born! How's that for recycling?

eclecticentertaining said...

Me likey! I'm planning on making a crib sized crazy quilt for my grandchildren out of my sons' baby clothes.

eclecticentertaining said...

I guess that sounds a little wierd. I don't have grandchildren now... I'm just OCD enough to plan ahead for that day and feel the need to do something with all those cute clothes.