Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Georgian glassware

I have a number of saved searches on eBay that I periodically check up on. One of my favorites is "Georgian" under the category of antiques/decorative arts/glass/stemware.

Even if I could find or afford a whole set of Georgian glassware, I wouldn't want it. I'm buying a glass or two at a time here and there and I like that my "set" isn't matched. I imagine a dinner party where I can use all my different glasses, some for wine, water or perhaps sherry (which is actually really a nice little beverage).

The listings for the pair of etched glasses and for the single rummer are two current favorites. Their price might climb out of my range. If so, I don't continue to bid. But sometimes I get lucky. Stick with it. Searching for these old pieces takes patience if you don't have a fortune to spend. But how it would be worth it!

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A World in a PAN said...

Oh, how beautiful these glasses are! I was a young married woman at a time when things around us were "structured" and I have a WHOLE set of Baccarat glasses (present of my grandmother). But if I were to start now, I would definetly buy "unstructured" sets, one glass here, another one there ...
I also see you're interested in natural food preparation. May I invite you to visit my blog?
Cheers, Laura