Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The above montage of silhouettes if on the wall of my breakfast room. They are family silhouettes of my children, father, mother-in-law, uncle, aunt and myself. I think they are striking - everyone comments on them - and are especially meaningful since they are family pieces. (You will find that I love old family treasures regardless of their value. I think displaying them gives my home character and hopefully reflects something about my character).

I have been considering purchasing a cheap Ikea bench slipcovered in white canvas to put against the wall for seating. The nook is tight, and now that I found the pillow above, I think I will definitely go that way. I envision about 5 pillows propped up on the bench, creating a back, for comfort and aesthetics. Wouldn't this pillow look great there?

My question is, does that make entertaining more difficult? I would love responses from anyone who has a bench in their breakfast area. It means guests can't circulate around my round table if I use it for serving instead of seating .... but, in that case, I guess I can just remove the bench (I will have already taken away the chairs) and recenter the table for circulation. Thoughts?

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